Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Marriage Ever Really Half?

In watching 30 for 30’s Broke last night on ESPN, there were many eyebrow raising moments. Of course, the part about how relationships contribute to driving these athletes broke was of one of them. In your opinion, is marriage ever 50/50 and is it ever fair to grant a spouse HALF of the money when they do not help to earn it?  Is half of 30,000 (maybe an average person’s savings) the same has half of 30,000,000?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Quarter

It’s once again another first of the month and this one marks a new quarter. As this new quarter in 2012 begins, we reflect back on our yearly goals and gauge our progress. So far we are on track, but I did have one thing that now seems funny that I thought I'd mention. As we should, we have goals as a husband and wife. One of them is can view the rest of this blog by visiting

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Women – The Sports Contenders or More Like Pretenders?

Most would agree that all men have one sport or another that he is absolutely in love with. Would you also agree that most single women are on the search for a man that would absolutely love her more than anything in this world? As the old saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, but I believe some women beg to differ.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pillow Tech

The way I used to picture an ideal couple in bed after a long day is with nice soft pillow talk, but now that vision has changed. This day and age communication comes in many forms with the most common being through some sort of technology. This is perfect when it comes to the busy 9-5 hustle and bustle. But what about nice, quiet time at home especially in bed. Has technology replaced pillow talk?
Has the time for pillow talk been overtaken by text messages, IM’s, and FB updates? Instead of lying close to one another enjoying intimate conversation does the cell phone, I-pad, or laptop get in the way? How intimate is that? It’s not! Twitter does not need to know about what has or may happen in your bed!
How important is pillow talk to a relationship? Can a relationship survive without this small, intimate time for conversation or does the increase in the use technology not affect your relationship?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough

There’s a common belief in life that in order to achieve success you must devise a step-by-step blueprint that will help you meet or exceed your goals. In addition to these blueprints, we also need to locate role models/mentors to help inspire us to meet those set goals. Do these same theories apply to marriages and relationships?

Something that is often neglected in relationships and can be somewhat hard to find, are inspirations. Inspirations are valuable resources, which can help elevate your relationship from average to great. Let’s face it, most people intend to have a successful relationship, but how far can good intentions take you? Ask yourself this: Who/what inspires me in my relationship? What marriage/relationship do I want mine to be like? Have I at all sought to find positive influences of marriage/relationships?

How quick were you to answer these questions if at all? If you had no answers for these questions, you may need to work on your inspirations. Most television and media outlets fail to portray the positive images of marriage/relationships, so it’s important to seek your own inspirations. If role models are scarce in your social circle, here are some questions to answer that will help you identify a positive relationship inspiration. What couple would you like your relationship to mirror? What is your theme song? What words from a poem do you want to come alive in your relationship? All these things are apart of your map for success in your relationship.

Obviously, inspirations are not all you would need for a successful relationship, but they are a key player to help you get started in the right direction. Do you think a successful marriage/relationship needs inspirations or can good intentions alone make a successful relationship?

I’m leaving you with a theme song for our marriage. The words to this song are where we always want to see ourselves in marriage. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Groundhog of Romance

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, all the worry about what shall I get him/her is starting to crank up! Everyone seems to be trying to find the right gift that will relay that message of “I love you.” No need to stress. I have the answer for you, no gift will be enough!

So many times we leave our happiness and the way we live our lives to the standard set around us. We should be setting a standard for ourselves and not waiting on Valentine’s Day to say I love you. If your spouse shows you’re loved all throughout the year, is a gift for Valentine’s Day necessary?

What if your spouse does not show you love on the regular? After you receive your large teddy bear and box of chocolates on the 14th, is your significant other allowed to be missing in action at dawn on the 15th? Will your romantic life be similar to the groundhog and return the following year?

That maybe enough for some of you, but if you want more I challenge you to set your own standard when it comes to romance in your relationship. Romance can sometimes be like the first time you said I love you. I leave you with this thought, would you rather be given a cute bear and chocolates when your significant other is expected to do so or given a gift that says I love you just because?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Is Your Relationship Going?

The New Year is a great time to plan for the future by setting and executing new goals for the upcoming year. Typically, most people generally set financial, physical, and career goals. We all often set goals and plan for everything under the sun except for perhaps the most important thing, our relationship with our significant other.

In my opinion, goal setting for your relationship is just as if not more important than setting goals in other aspects of your life. How do you expect for your relationship/marriage to go anywhere if you don’t know where you want it to go? Should a married person just be married with no idea of what they want out of a marriage? No! Should a marriage/relationship have expectations?  Yes! With the growing number of divorces and broken relationships in today’s society, it’s obvious that most people do not have goals they are willing to set and work on in their relationships.

Relationships don’t all of a sudden fall apart. Relationships during time can deteriorate without the proper goal planning for all parties involved. Date Night Gurus itself is an example of goal setting for a relationship. My spouse and I have recognized that our marriage needs quality time to thrive, so we set a weekly goal to go out on at least one date to make sure we stay close as a couple. This is a very simple goal that can help a relationship tremendously. 

Do you have any goals and/or visions in place for your current relationship? If not, I encourage you all in a marriage/relationship, to set some goals, know what you want to get out it, and make a plan of action to get there.